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Lyn Richardson is a multi-talented artist hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. With a diverse skill set that spans across playwriting, directing, vocal performance, and character comedy, Lyn has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Nominated for numerous awards for her exceptional contributions to the world of theater and comedy, Lyn's creative journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

Her artistic prowess shines through in her award-winning comedic performances and thought-provoking faith-based stage plays. In 2009, Lyn took the stage by storm, captivating audiences with a performance that showcased her exceptional range and captivating presence. With an innate ability to connect with her audience, Lyn's performances leave a lasting impression, inspiring laughter and introspection in equal measure.

Lyn Richardson's body of work speaks volumes about her dedication to the craft and her unique ability to seamlessly transition between different forms of artistic expression. From the director's chair to the spotlight, Lyn's talent knows no bounds, making her a true luminary in the entertainment world and to the kingdom of God


“Lyn Richardson Ministries” is your one stop solution for Entertainment and Ministry services! Lyn has four amazing adult children Jazmine (Son-in-Law Dion), Justice, Robert III and Bria. She also has three beautiful granddaughters, Laree', LyVel, Lyric and grandson DJ!

Please see our CONTACT US tab for Booking information.

We look forward to serving you. Let’s take back the Entertainment Industry in the name of Jesus!

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